About Us

Healthcare Supplyline was founded in 2012 in response to the ever-increasing expense of running a healthcare practice, hospital or facility. The market for supplies, equipment and construction had become so expensive that providers were seeing a significant rise in the cost of doing business and diminishing income due to government and insurance regulation. This resulted in cut corners in terms of quality of care and even quantity of care creating significant health threats in many instances.

Large distributors were at the forefront of unfair competition, lockout agreements with manufacturers, artificially inflated pricing forcing providers to raise fees to their patients or refuse or limit required treatment. The founders of Healthcare Supplyline are providers with over 40 years experience in hands on practice, development of a publicly traded National Dental Franchise of over 100 offices, practice management and construction of medical and dental facilities in various states including hospitals, clinics and educational facilities.

The goal of starting Healthcare Supplyline Inc., was to acquire high quality products at wholesale prices, control costs and resell those products to providers at more reasonable prices thus helping to increase their bottom lines without their needing to dramatically raise prices.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused Healthcare Supplyline to reassess the health threat of microbials other than Covid-19 which dramatically affect patient health, and to focus in part on disinfection in dental practice, medical practice, food, industry, janitorial services, personal grooming, education and a variety of other businesses. Our products are chosen because of their efficacy and cost effectiveness in protecting our clients whether they be consumer, professional or industrial. Above all else, our experience, education and work puts out company ahead in terms of understanding disease processes and how to best protect against them.