Luminary 3.0 Curing Light

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Luminary 3.0 Turbo Curing Light is a wireless powerful curing light that delivers a steady light power consistency.

With a light output of light output 1000mW/cm2 -2500 m W/ cm 2 it can deliver a strong turbo mode 2500mW/cm2.

  • Cure 2mm resins in just one second!
  • Swivel light probe 360 degree rotation
  • Working Modes: Low or High
  • 6 time settings:1 seconds,3 seconds,5 seconds,10 seconds, 15seconds,20 seconds
  • Battery Life 400 (10 Second cures) with one charge
  • Strong turbo mode 2500mW/cm2
  • Light Output 7000mW/cm2 -250 0 m W/ cm 2
  • Lithium battery with CB certification ensures safety and reliability